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Create friction-free pathways to get lost items out of your facility and back into the hands of their owners — fast.


With our proprietary NetTracer: Lost & Found software, your guests or passengers can report lost items through our digital portal, from where you can easily process, match, and ship all your lost items via a single interface. The platform provides a clear chain of custody and visibility into an item’s exact location throughout the resolution process.


For those items that you cannot match to an owner, we provide the tools and services for you to responsibly recycle and dispose of them – keeping items out of landfills and protecting your customers’ privacy. Give customers an easy lost item reporting option and maintain consistent, proactive communication every step of the way. NetTracer: Lost & Found is the smart way to protect your reputation and turn a challenging situation into a positive brand experience for your customers.

The man lost his keys, phone and wallet with money. Men leave and only the legs and shoes
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